Kitchen Professional Full-Time $13 / hour

Montgomery, AL

Competitive Pay

Full-Time Positions Starting at $13 / hour (working 35+ hours weekly)

Part-Time Positions Starting at $11/ hour


Job Description

A Team Member at Chick-fil-A @ EastChase is considered a Professional.

When filling the role of a cook, a Kitchen Professional makes orders, distributes orders, and corrects errors. A Professional is responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of his or her area. Every Kitchen Professional owns our kitchen performance and our guests’ experiences. This is accomplished by being knowledgeable and using problem-solving skills. A Kitchen Professional is thoroughly aware of the menu and what kinds of requests we are capable of fulfilling. We use time, temperature, and maintenance knowledge to maintain kitchen performance. We diagnose, resolve, and report any dips in performance that may occur.

While some Professionals are Kitchen and some are Hospitality, we celebrate and highly value those that choose to and succeed at cross-training as both.


The Experience of working at Chick-fil-A @ EastChase

We are a fast-paced, highly productive, and flexible team focused on balance. We understand that our target audience is made up of people desiring to develop themselves. This makes for a busy lifestyle for most of our people.

We have flexible schedules here and can work with most requests off. We like to celebrate both team and personal victories together. Our people are the kinds of people looking to be surrounded by other kind and positive people.

We develop personally and professionally at Chick-fil-A @ EastChase. We have the opportunity for a future in Chick-fil-A. If we choose to pursue other career opportunities, we can leverage our time at Chick-fil-A @ EastChase. By the time we are ready to pursue career opportunities, we have developed into people who can make decisions under pressure in fast-paced environments. We develop into the kinds of candidates reputable organizations want to promote, hire, and endorse.

We work together. We celebrate together. We grow.

We are EastChase.



Training is done both digitally and on the job. We use a privately held app accessible across most platforms and devices to train digitally. This provides the specific details of each procedure. This teaches us in what order to assemble sandwiches. We learn how to address quality control issues. Videos displaying how to perform tasks let us know without a doubt how to do what we need to do, from temping chicken to boxing chicken nuggets.

We also train on the job. Kitchen Professionals start in one of several positions: Secondary Side Nuggets, Secondary Side Specials, Primary Side Buns Roller, Primary Side Sandwiches, Machines, Dishes and Support. These are the positions that leave the opportunity to learn other positions during downtimes. Our other positions not for beginners include: Breader, Biscuits, Salad Prep, Primary Side Specials, Catering, Truck, and Fries. Each of the starting positions are more so specialized with repetitive motions and specific tasks. 

Beginning positions have specialized repetitive tasks such as boxing nuggets and strips working as “Secondary Side Nuggets.” Primary Side Buns Roller butters and toasts bread in prepared trays to pass to the Primary Side Sandwiches person. The Primary Side Sandwiches person puts the meat on the buns and wraps them to go into the delivery chute to our Front of House people. Other starting positions have similarly specific tasks.


Benefits of Working Here

Competitive Pay

Work/Life Balance

$2500+ scholarships (requiring volunteer work)

Tuition Discounts for 100+ Universities (including Troy University)

Volunteer Work Opportunities (scheduled to fit within your personal work/life balance)

Experience with a reputable business well known in both the local community and the business world